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RealEyesX DVR™ Video System
Diagnostic Tool for Accurately Identifying Vestibular Issues

The RealEyesX DVR™ Video System allows Marianjoy clinicians specializing in balance and vestibular issues to observe, evaluate and record the eye movements of patients during testing and treatment. Clinicians are able to diagnose and treat patients with dizziness and vestibular disorders, differentiating between central and peripheral vestibular pathology.

How do the RealEyesX DVR™Binocular Video System Work?

The RealEyesX DVR™ Video System uses infrared video cameras for monitoring and recording eye activity during a vestibular assessment. The eye activity is displayed on a monitor for ease of observation by the clinician.

What are the benefits of using the RealEyesX DVR™ Video System?

The infrared video goggle system has been highly successful in diagnosing and treating Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), a common condition that causes dizziness. The system blocks a patient's ability to fixate his or her eyes on something in the environment, improving the clinician's ability to see the direction of the nystagmus (uncontrollable movements of the eyes) and record the eye movements for further review following the initial assessment. It also allows the therapist to diagnose differentially between central and peripheral conditions.