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NuStep® Recumbent Cross-Trainer
Adaptive Cardio for All Mobility Levels

The NuStep® Recumbent Cross Trainer enables users to get a full-body aerobic workout from a seated position.

How does the NuStep® Work?

The NuStep® is a customizable cardiovascular exercise machine, featuring multiple levels of resistance for therapists to adjust for each patient. The machine utilizes and stimulates patients' arm and leg movement, from a seated position. Therapists can also track their patients' progress throughout treatment.

What are the benefits of using the NuStep®?

Because patients operate the machine from a seated position, they can achieve aerobic and strengthening exercise without the risk of falling. The gentle motion of the recumbent cross-trainer has a reduced impact on joints, as compared to other cardio machines. This repetitive movement can also help to retrain and relax stiff or impaired arms and legs.

Who can benefit from using the NuStep®?

• Individuals who may benefit from NuStep® include those with:
• Neurological impairments, including stroke
• Cardiovascular impairments
• Orthopedic impairments, including joint replacements and amputations
• General age-related deconditioning