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Bertec Balance Advantage™ Exoskeleton
Using Virtual Reality to Improve Balance

The Bertec Balance Advantage™ is a computerized dynamic posturography system that treats various balance and mobility impairments and evaluates how well a patient is utilizing his or her sensory and motor systems. At Marianjoy, physical therapists use this information to determine the cause of the balance impairment and to create the best treatment plan for the individual.

Watch a video about the Bertec Balance Advantage™ Exoskeleton.

How does the Bertec Balance Advantage™ Work?

In addition to assessing sensory and motor impairments, the system also provides interactive, functional retraining exercises. This technology incorporates immersive virtual reality to simulate real-world environments which can be modified to patients' specific needs. Using visual biofeedback combined with sensitive, real-time monitoring of movement, Marianjoy therapists are able to help patients achieve greater balance control.

What are the benefits of using the Bertec Balance Advantage™?

This technology helps the clinician to differentiate between specific sensory and motor impairments by providing objective evidence needed for effective clinical decisions. The immersive virtual reality helps train individuals, using specific protocols, to address their impairments and improve clinical outcomes.

Individuals who may benefit from the Bertec Balance Advantage™ include those with:

• Inner-ear infection (labyrinthitis)
• Acute vertigo caused by head trauma or whiplash
• Chronic vertigo resulting from chemical or drug toxicity
• Acoustic neuromas (benign tumor on nerve between inner ear and brain)
• Age-related balance dysfunction or dizziness

• Stroke
• Visual-motor sensitivity