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Armeo® Power

The Armeo® Power is a robotic exoskeleton for the upper extremity. It provides highly intensive arm rehabilitation for patients who lack voluntary arm movement due to a neurologic injury or disorder. This enables patients to practice the movements important for their therapy progress and daily life. Research has shown that the Armeo® Power leads to faster and better upper-extremity recovery after stroke compared to conventional therapy practices.

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How does the Armeo® Power Work?

The Armeo®Power facilitates neuroplasticity in the earliest stages of recovery. It recognizes when the patient is not able to carry out a movement and assists the patient's arm as much as needed to reach the goal of each exercise successfully.

The device adapts the amount of robotic support to the individual needs and changing abilities of each patient—from full movement guidance for patients with very little activity to almost no support for more advanced patients.

The Armeo®Power precisely records how patients perform and how much support they need during their therapy sessions. This allows the therapist to focus more time on the patient's progress and therapy by reducing the need to provide direct physical assistance.

What are the benefits of using the Armeo® Power?

The Armeo®Power enables highly intensive early rehabilitation for severely affected patients and assists with support that automatically adapts to the patient's abilities to complete the entire movement process from shoulder to fingers. The Armeo®Power motivates patients to improve with performance feedback exercises for arm and hand training. Detailed documentation from the device allows therapists to make objective analysis of the patient's progress.


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