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The Tellabs Center for Neurorehabilitation and Neuroplasticity (TCNN) promotes neuroplasticity, a growing focus of research in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation that examines the capability of nerve cells to reorganize and reconnect to new pathways around damaged areas in the brain. TCNN incorporates the latest neurorehabilitation technology into the treatment of patients with stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions. Clinicians work with the patient to develop a unique care that is tailored specifically to the patient's needs. This plan may include the use of robotic exoskeletons, virtual reality and other devices designed to help them rebuild damaged neural connections. This equipment is contributing to dramatically improved outcomes, maximizing recovery and increasing overall functional ability. Marianjoy is one of the only rehabilitation provider in the suburban Chicago area to offer such a diverse array of rehabilitation technology for patients with neurologic conditions (Watch a video):

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Ekso GT™ Robotic Exoskeleton
Stimulates neuroplasticity through adaptively supportive walking system to reeducate the brain and muscles
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ZeroG® Gait and Balance Training System
Enables practice with movement and balance in a safe, controlled environment
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Armeo® Power Robotic Arm Exoskeleton and Armeo® Spring Arm & Hand Therapy
Stimulates brain and muscle activity to regain lost arm movement
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Woodway Split-Belt Treadmill
Customizable therapy and assessment tool that can be interfaced with the ZeroG® system
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A safe system for patients to practice walking and balance in simulated motion challenges
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RealEyesX DVR™ Binocular Video Goggles
Enables therapists to diagnose and treat dizziness and vestibular disorders
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Bioness® Integrated Therapy System
Customizable visuomotor system evaluates and improves visual-motor activities
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RE-WALK™ Bionic Leg and Suit
Wearable robotic exoskeleton enables patients with lower limb weakness to stand, walk, and even take stairs independently
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Bertec Balance Advantage™ System CDP
Virtual reality computerized system enables diagnosis and treatment of balance impairments system
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