Zeno Walkway

Marianjoy therapists utilize the Zeno Walkway - a diagnostic pressure-sensitive mat that evaluates certain aspects of a patient's gait, such as alignment and speed. The mat is sensitive enough to read any patient's weight distribution, from young children to older adults. The Zeno Walkway assists clinicians in developing therapy exercises, as well as adjusting orthotics, for optimal gait and rehabilitation.

Individuals who may benefit from using the Zeno Walkway include those with:
How does the Zeno Walkway work?

The pressure-sensitive mat evaluates alignment, speed, step-length, foot contact, rotation, weight-bearing symmetry and balance. Marianjoy therapists use these measurements to assess therapy and orthotic options with baseline tests, as well as to evaluate how particular methods, prosthetics and orthotics are addressing the patient's needs through continuous testing.

What are the advantages to the Zeno Walkway?