Northwestern Medicine Daily Living Center at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital


Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital is committed to providing world-class care that helps you become more independent. Our therapists use state-of-the-art technology in the Northwestern Medicine Daily Living Center at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital. The center provides leading-edge technology and care that can help you be more independent in your home, workplace and community.

Daily Living Center

The Daily Living Center at Marianjoy offers a home-like practice setting and technology that can help you live your life. Your care team will tailor your treatment so you can get hands-on experience. You will learn about options to help you be more independent and make your home more accessible.

To help you practice daily activities with your care team, the Daily Living Center offers different rooms, such as a kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms.


The kitchen offers front-facing controls and a drawer-style microwave that you can access from a wheelchair. Height-adjustable, pull-out cabinets are easy for you to access if you have limited mobility or reach. You can also adjust the height of countertops for a more comfortable work surface.

Dining Room

Marianjoy therapists will work with you to practice activities, such as:

The dining room area has a sliding glass door that leads to a practice outdoor patio area.

Bathrooms in 3 Different Layouts

A high-tech bathroom has a walk-in tub with a seat and a roll-in shower so you can practice using those features. There are 2 other bathrooms so you can try equipment in practice settings. Watch a video on bathroom configurations.


The bedroom in the Daily Living Center has a queen bed so you can practice getting in and out of bed. If you have limited mobility, you can practice using the ceiling track to move from the bed into the accessible bathroom.

Living Room

You can use controls to adjust the lighting or change the TV channel. A motorized lift chair can help you stand up.

Laundry Room

You can open front-loading washing machines and dryers from a seated position. Appliances like these make it easier for you to do your daily activities.

Home Office

The home office has a fully adaptable, height-adjustable desk so you can easily use the computer. Different lighting options and magnifiers can help you if you have vision impairments. Therapists can work with you on computer tasks while adjusting the desk height or lighting levels.

Care That Helps You Become More Independent

The Daily Living Center can help you on your recovery journey. It is fully integrated into your treatment plans, as needed. To learn more, please call 630.909.8000.