Aquatic Therapy and Emerging Fitness

The Hydrodynamic Benefits of Warm-Water Aquatic Therapy

Specialized aquatic therapy is performed by physical and occupational therapists in Marianjoy's state-of-the-art Aquatic Therapy pool, either in conjunction with land-based therapy or as a stand-alone treatment option.

The hydrodynamic principles of aquatic therapy can help patients reach their therapy goals. By decreasing the force of gravity on the body, the buoyancy of water provides ease of movement and offers an environment to address balance issues safely, without the fear of falling or need to support body weight.

The water's hydrostatic pressure also offers sufficient resistance to increase body awareness and improve muscle strength and endurance. Patients in the Aquatic Therapy Program can achieve their treatment goals with less joint and muscle stress than in a traditional clinical environment.

Benefits of warm-water aquatic therapy include:

Patients can enter the pool by using stairs or an accessible lift.

Aquatic Exercise Groups

Adult Groups for Prior Aquatic Therapy Patients

Marianjoy offers adult Community Pool Programs for those patients who have previously received aquatic therapy at Marianjoy. The programs are designed to enable participants to continue independently to perform the aquatic exercise home programs prescribed by their therapists. A Marianjoy therapist is on-hand in the pool during the designated timeframes to answer any questions or provide assistance as needed. Participants must be fully continent, have intact skin with no open areas or wounds, and be medically stable to perform exercise in a warm-water environment. To register fill out this form or call 630.909.7150.

Pediatric Aquatic Exercise Groups

Pool classes are designed for children who have medical conditions requiring aquatic exercise. Most participants have had previous aquatic therapy experience and are ready to participate in a group setting. Pool class instructors are physical or occupational therapists. The therapy pool is kept at a temperature of 91-93 degrees Fahrenheit, and all participants must have a medical release to participate in aquatic groups. This release MUST be updated annually. To register or call 630.909.7150. Learn more about our program.


Marianjoy Center for Emerging Fitness

As your partner for a lifetime of healing, Marianjoy offers an Emerging Fitness program as a solution to post-rehabilitation and general health needs. Within this gym, specific fitness equipment was selected to meet the needs of people with variable abilities. Many of the weight machines have accessible swing-away seats to allow for wheelchair transfer, and the elliptical has a lower step height for easier access for those with reduced mobility or balance.

This facility allows therapists to set up an exercise program for their patients as they prepare for discharge from therapy and work to continue their progress independently. Patients are now able to try equipment that they may be able to use in a fitness facility within their community or as part of a class at Marianjoy.

Upcoming classes and programs will focus on:

Fitness Classes

Marianjoy's Center for Emerging Fitness

Monday through Friday
Cost is $70 per class for the 7-week session
These 45-minute sessions will utilize a variety of equipment and techniques to keep workouts fun and effective. All fitness levels are welcome, and exercises are customizable for individual needs. By the end of the 7-week session, our goal is that you will see a transformation of strength, flexibility, balance and confidence!

For more information on these classes, please contact Ashley Davis, Marianjoy personal trainer, at 630.909.8626 or at

One-On-One Personal Training

Reach Your Fitness Goals: Personal Training Sessions Available For All Ability Levels

Formulate, meet and reach beyond your specific fitness goals with a Personal Trainer. Use various equipment and stretches to better understand your body, how it responds to exercise, and the positive impact it has on your health.

For more information on personal training, please contact Ashley Davis, Marianjoy personal trainer, at 630.909.8626 or at