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Marianjoy’s Emerging Fitness Center Reaches Health Goals and Life Dreams

Chung Mi with Marianjoy Emerging Fitness Center Personal Trainer Ashley Davis

When some people encounter life-altering health events, it’s easy to feel defeated—but that wasn’t an option for Chung Im or her husband, Kwan. After Chung experienced a stroke, she and her husband took every effort to get as healthy as possible. At 80 years old, they are in the best shape of their lives, a fact they credit to Marianjoy, especially its Emerging Fitness Center.

While the Ims were vacationing in Colorado, Chung had a major stroke. She stayed in Colorado as an inpatient for six weeks. As her time at the acute-care hospital was ending, the physical therapists there recommended she head to Marianjoy for the best rehabilitation treatment.

Chung spent an additional seven weeks as an inpatient at Marianjoy, followed by outpatient therapy. When her therapists told her about Marianjoy’s new Emerging Fitness Center, with group and personal training classes designed for anyone looking to improve strength, flexibility, endurance, or balance, Chung and Kwan signed up right away.

“We learned that when you’re an outpatient in rehabilitation, that’s when you have the most flexibility to take advantage of extra exercise, like these fitness classes,” says Kwan. The Ims decided to sign up for classes with Ashley Davis, Marianjoy personal trainer, on days that Chung did not have therapy, ensuring she had fitness instruction five days a week. “Our trainer worked directly with Chung’s therapist to develop the best plan for her. The program is really good—I recommend it for all outpatients or people who have been discharged.”

Ashley says she enjoys helping people reach their fitness and recovery goals. “It was such a pleasure working with Mr. and Mrs. Im. They were a great example of how a physical fitness program can improve anyone’s health,” says Davis. “Mr. Im came in having little experience in a fitness center, and by the time he left, he had made significant improvements in strength and endurance. It was incredible to watch Mrs. Im’s progress. I have never worked with someone who had more motivation and determination. With that mindset, she saw impressive progress in hand grip, balance, walking, and overall strength.”

Kwan couldn’t agree more with Ashley’s observations: “I was already a healthy person, but I’ve improved so much. My wife has improved dramatically—I can see it. The doctors and therapists helped her a lot, but after their treatment, it’s imperative you work hard. You have to exercise every day. Personal training is very important, especially if your physical condition isn’t the best. Ashley is intuitive and can recognize what’s best for you.”

Chung has recovered so much, in fact, that the Ims were able to fulfill their dream of moving back to Korea, something they didn’t know would be possible when Chung first had her stroke. “Our lives have changed beyond my imagination,” says Kwan. “We used to walk three miles every day, but after Chung had her stroke, that was gone. By the time Chung became an outpatient, we walked every day again—and in particular, this fitness class really helped her get back to her old self. I want to tell our experience with Marianjoy and the Emerging Fitness Center to everyone—I am very happy with it, and it helped so much!”

For more information on personal training or group fitness classes with Ashley Davis, click here to visit the Emerging Fitness Center, or contact Ashley Davis, Marianjoy Personal Trainer, at 630.909.8626 or email at