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Psychology Services

Marianjoy psychologists specialize in meeting the emotional needs of people with disabilities. Our psychologists assist your physician and health team in developing your comprehensive program, and in updating you, your medical providers and your family on your progress toward meeting your rehabilitation goals. In addition to emotional support, Marianjoy psychologists can perform standardized assessments, which help both in designing treatment plans and securing necessary accommodations in your workplace or school environments (from preschool to university).

Our supportive psychotherapy is available to all our inpatients and outpatients, designed to help you adjust to your disability situation. We provide training in strategies for managing your illness or impairment, and our behavioral medicine specialists span a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

We also provide emotional support and education for the patient and patient's family, including identifying resources that will be available after rehabilitation concludes.


Marianjoy neuropsychologists assess cognitive and behavioral functioning and provide your medical providers with information essential to accurate diagnosis and design of effective treatment. They work with you and your family to ensure that the findings and recommendations of the team are understandable and relevant to your own goals. As you transition out of rehabilitation, they explore community resources that can support further progress toward independent functioning, long after formal therapies have ended.

Pediatric Psychology

Pediatric psychology at Marianjoy focuses on the unique ways that disability affects children. These psychologists help children adjust to the challenges of dealing with a physical and/or cognitive disability, inside the classroom, at play and home, throughout their childhood and adolescence. Our pediatric psychologists assist with a variety of school-based issues, such as school recommendations for children with developmental conditions (e.g., autistic spectrum disorders and cerebral palsy) and acquired conditions (e.g., cancer, brain injury and stroke). Our assessments and diagnoses can help with obtaining necessary accommodations for IEP and 504 Plans. It is our goal to help your child have a happy and healthy life and reach the best path for success.

Pain Management

Psychologists specializing in behavioral medicine at Marianjoy collaborate on an interdisciplinary team to reduce pain, maximize function and improve quality of life. Their approach addresses the interaction of medical problems with anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship issues and environmental factors. This allows treatment to extend beyond medications and to use evidence-based behavioral therapy for symptom management.

For more information about our psychologists, please visit the Marianjoy Psychologist Directory.

Support Groups

Beyond one-on-one therapy, Marianjoy offers support groups, led by clinical specialists (therapists or doctors). Anyone in the community is welcome to join, and groups often consist of current or former Marianjoy patients and their loved ones or caregivers. Support groups are based on clinical diagnoses, and topics vary month-to-month based on member requests and current topics. These support groups are provided at no cost to the participants as a service to the community by Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton, Illinois. Learn more about our Support Groups.

For more information about psychology at Marianjoy, please call 630.909.8602.