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Vocational Rehabilitation

Marianjoy’s vocational rehabilitation program provides services designed to help you achieve a productive role in the community and reach your independent living goals.

Our Services

Our vocational rehabilitation counselors will work with you to discuss and plan the services you need. This may include an assessment to help you decide on an employment goal by comparing your work abilities, interests, and skills to local opportunities. Other services may include job-placement assistance, which includes:

  • Determining a job-placement goal.
  • Learning job-search skills.
  • Identifying local job opportunities.

After you start working, your counselor will talk with you about your progress, satisfaction, and concerns. Your counselor may also talk with your employer or coworkers about accommodations that benefit you;, how you learn and perform best; and assistive technology that helps you perform certain tasks.

Marianjoy is a proud founder and member of the AbilityLinks Consortium which has established a website,, to link people with disabilities and inclusive employers.

You Want the Best

Our vocational rehabilitation counselors have master’s degrees in counseling and are certified rehabilitation counselors or licensed professional counselors.

For More Information

Marianjoy’s vocational rehabilitation program serves work-age individuals who have a physical disability and an interest in and potential for benefiting from our services.

Our vocational rehabilitation services are available at Marianjoy's Wheaton and Oakbrook Terrace locations.

For the best choice in vocational rehabilitation programs and services, please call Ken Skord at (630) 909-7440 or email him at