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Integrative Holistic Medicine Clinic

Marianjoy, a leader in rehabilitative medicine for more than 35 years, has opened an Integrative Holistic Medicine Clinic in Wheaton, led by Dr. Gouri Chaudhuri.

Dr. Chaudhuri, Medical Director of the Marianjoy Day Rehabilitation Program, has practiced medicine for nearly 40 years and is board certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine.


This clinic treats individuals with:

Chronic fatigue syndrome


Chronic headache


Chronic sinusitis




All chronic illnesses

The various modalities utilized by Dr. Chaudhuri and her colleagues help patients learn more about optimum health, self-empowerment, and prevention of acute flare-ups of their conditions. This is achieved through focusing on various facets including leading a healthy lifestyle, nutritional counseling, proper use of vitamins and minerals, acupuncture treatments, meditation training, and spiritual guidance.


Integrative and holistic medicine describes an approach to healthcare that focuses on the prevention and management of chronic illness in conjunction with a patient’s existing conventional medical treatments. The Marianjoy Integrative and Holistic Medicine Clinic does not replace medical management by a primary care or specialty care physician, but rather augments such treatments.


For more information, please call 630-909-7000.

  Dr. Gouri Chaudhuri, Marianjoy Integrative Holistic Medicine Clinic