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What Is a Physiatrist?


Your physician at Marianjoy is a physiatrist (fi-zee-AH-trist) – a specialist who is trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Your physiatrist will work with you to maximize your functional skills, independence and mobility whether your disability is permanent or temporary. He or she will focus on your condition from biological, psychological and social points of view. This way your treatment plan focuses on your needs as a whole person. Using special tools and techniques, your physiatrist will work to diagnose conditions that may cause pain, weakness or numbness.

As the leader of your care team, your physiatrist will:

  • Oversee your entire medical care team at Marianjoy.
  • Prescribe your therapy treatments and medications.
  • Communicate with your personal and/or referring physician on a regular basis.
  • Coordinate the services of other medical specialists during your stay at Marianjoy.
  • Educate you and your family about your condition and its implications.

Marianjoy is a teaching hospital and as such, resident physicians play an active role supporting and supplementing the attending physicians.

After you complete your stay at Marianjoy, you will return to your personal and/or referring physician for care. You may continue to see your physiatrist in our clinic on an outpatient basis, depending on your needs.

For the best choice in rehabilitation programs and services, call us at (630) 909-8000.

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Attending and consulting physicians are not employed by Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, but are independent physicians with privileges to provide services to patients at our facilities.  The attending physicians are employees of Marianjoy Medical Group, a separate corporation from the hospital. 

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