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Full-Day and Half-Day Programs

Marianjoy offers two 21-day outpatient programs to meet our patient’s needs: a full-day Comprehensive Pain Management Program and a half-day Morning Solutions for Pain Management Program.

The Comprehensive Pain Management Program at Marianjoy is a full day program that has been in existence for over 20 years and is the only CARF-accredited interdisciplinary pain program in Illinois. This 21-day outpatient program focuses on helping people manage chronic pain so they can be restored to a lifestyle of function and mobility. Clients participate for 6-7 hours per day in nursing education, physical therapy, physiatry, psychology, biofeedback and case management. 

Morning Solutions for Pain Management is less intense than the full day comprehensive program and is intended for individuals who either can not tolerate the Comprehensive Pain Management Program Clients or individuals who do not require all of the services offered in the comprehensive program. Clients participate for 4-5 hours per day.  This program is designed for those clients with less downtime and fewer and/or less significant lifestyle alterations. 

Marianjoy’s pain programs benefit from the dedicated clinicians who make up the interdisciplinary team, including: a physiatrist who is board-certified in pain management, physical therapists who specialize in pain management, a psychologist, a nurse educator, a biofeedback specialist, and a case manager. As a team, the staff works with each individual to design a plan that addresses their unique experience with chronic pain.

One of the key features of our program is using a holistic approach to focus on the patient’s personal goals. Each patient admitted for care is assigned an integrated care team made up of physicians, specially trained therapists, nurses, and psychologists. The team works in coordination with the patient and family to evaluate not only the patient’s pain, but also the impact that the pain has on the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Comprehensive Pain Evaluation for the Injured Worker

This interdisciplinary evaluation takes approximately 5 hours and provides the referring physician with a comprehensive review of the injured worker’s condition, pain, and functional status in order to facilitate medical decision making.  The evaluation is conducted by a team consisting of a physiatrist, a psychologist, and a physical therapist.



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