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Tuned Ankle Foot Orthosis Footwear Combination

The “tuning” of the Ankle Foot Orthosis Footwear Combination (AFOFC) is the process of selecting and adjusting the design features of the AFO and footwear so that the AFOFC achieves optimal performance in gait. 


Goals for the Tuned AFOFC include:


  • Improved tolerance of the AFO
  • Maintenance of arch integrity
  • Improved standing balance
  • Improved alignment in gait
  • Improved efficiency in gait
  • Improved range of motion and strength over time


If your child has been recommended for a Tune AFOFC, there are several steps in this process.


Your child will be assessed by a team of clinicians including a physiatrist, physical therapist and orthotist. Together, they will determine the appropriate angle and initial design features of the AFO. It may be recommended that your child’s AFO be set in plantar flexion, have an additional anterior support, or be made extra long.  The initial assessment will include a video analysis of your child walking.


Your child will be fitted with the AFO in the orthotist’s office or the Marianjoy Prosthetic and Orthotic Center, as determined by the family and the team.  All Tuned AFOFCs will have some wedging in the shoe or a heel on the AFO and appropriate footwear to accommodate these items will be very important.  The orthotist may order shoes for your child or will guide you as to the type of shoes you should bring with you to the appointment.


After your child has been fitted with the AFO, follow-up appointments will be scheduled in either Marianjoy's Prosthetic and Orthotic Center or in physical therapy.  These sessions will be one hour long, and based on your child's needs, two to four sessions may be scheduled. These sessions will enable the team to assess the AFOFC, make adjustments to the orthotic or footwear, and give instruction on gait training and in-home activities.  The appointment will also include videotaping of your child's gait for analysis. Changes to the AFO or footwear will be recommended to optimize the performance of your child’s walking. 


After the initial adjustments, it is recommended that your child work in therapy on the recommended activities and gait training until the next Tuning follow up visit.



To Schedule an Appointment


To schedule an appointment, please contact the Pediatric Scheduling Department at 630-909-7155.