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Patient and Visitor Information

Marianjoy is a totally unique hospital experience, designed with our patients in mind.


Inpatient Hospital

Marianjoy provides inpatient care to patients who require intensive rehabilitation and 24-hour hospital support.  Our inpatient environment has caring and compassionate staff, medical expertise, and state-of-the-art technology in a peaceful setting. 

Although one of the primary goals at Marianjoy is to return patients to their home, some require additional, less intense rehabilitation. Therefore, following an acute inpatient stay at Marianjoy some patients continue their rehabilitation in an inpatient subacute level of care.  Additionally, the physician may determine that although a patient’s rehabilitation goals have been met and the patient is ready for discharge home, he or she would still benefit from rehabilitation therapy in a Marianjoy outpatient setting.


RehabLink® Inpatient Subacute

People who are admitted to a subacute rehabilitation program need an inpatient care setting, but not the level of services that an acute rehabilitation hospital offers.  In addition to our own 20 bed unit in Wheaton, Marianjoy partners with some of the area’s leading skilled nursing facilities to provide subacute care. 

Within the scope of these partnerships, physician, nursing, and ancillary resources are available to meet both the medical and rehabilitation needs of all patients admitted into the program.  Once a patient reaches their goals in a subacute rehabilitation program, they may be discharged home.  Many patients then access outpatient rehabilitation at Marianjoy to improve their level of functioning.


Day Rehabilitation

For patients who still need an interdisciplinary team approach integrating more than one therapy, but no longer require inpatient care, the Marianjoy Day Rehabilitation Outpatient Program is most appropriate.

This program provides individualized treatment designed by the patient and therapist with the family's involvement. Goals are established to maximize functioning both at home and in the community. In addition to necessary therapies, nursing and case management services are provided.


Outpatient Services

Marianjoy Physical Therapy and Outpatient Services includes physical, occupational, and speech therapy, pain management, and driver rehabilitation.

The scope and intensity of Marianjoy's outpatient services for adults and pediatric patients are designed to improve the patient's level of functioning based on the individual's needs and the referring physician's recommendations.


Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital, Wheaton, Illinois







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