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Monika Andreas

Monika Andreas has always led a very active life. She has practiced yoga for 41years, and been an instructor for 33 years. She has always enjoyed cycling, dancing, and keeping physically fit, having even participated in a marathon and two triathlons. That’s why Monika was surprised when in 2009, her doctor diagnosed her with having arthritis in her hips and explained that she would require a double hip replacement.

 Determined, Monika began a regimen of physical work-outs in an attempt to not only alleviate the pain in her joints, but to hopefully avoid the surgeries altogether. Unfortunately, her efforts could not reverse the damage the arthritis had already caused. Resigned to the fact that the surgeries were necessary, Monika was diligent about interviewing several surgeons. Once she had chosen a physician, she began researching rehabilitation facilities, knowing she would require some inpatient therapy after the surgery took place. Her surgeon recommended Marianjoy, as did one of Monika’s friends. After touring the facility, Monika chose Marianjoy for her rehabilitation needs and scheduled the surgery to take place.  

In August 2009, Monika underwent the first hip replacement procedure on her left side. She was transferred to Marianjoy and after 10 days of an intensive inpatient program, she was discharged and went to see her surgeon for a follow-up visit.

 “My surgeon couldn’t believe that I was already up and walking around,” Monika noted recently. “My range of motion was incredible and I had no pain. I was very pleased. In October, I even went to a friend’s birthday party and danced! I attributed my quick recovery to all the exercising I had done to build up my leg strength prior to surgery. That, coupled with the wonderful therapy I received at Marianjoy, helped me progress quickly.” 

The right hip replacement took place on November 10. This time however, Monika noticed that she had more pain in her legs then she had in the first surgery and the healing process didn't seem to be as quick.

 “The pain from the surgery was really wearing me down,” she explains. “While at Marianjoy, I asked to visit with one of the psychologists and we talked together for some time which helped me to work through my discouragement and concerns regarding the pain and my ability to recover. It was helpful and I continued to push myself, with my goal being to reach my fullest potential.”  

After one week at Marianjoy, Monika was discharged and began in-home therapy for three weeks. She immediately went back to teaching yoga and purchased a stationary bicycle to continue to increase the strength and circulation in her legs. Two months after her second hip replacement surgery and therapy, she was enjoying a cruise and able to participate in all its activities, including a hike through the rain forest.

 “Having had two experiences with rehabilitation, gave me the opportunity to not only learn from the Marianjoy therapists but to also observe what they were teaching other patients,” she confirms. “And I truly honor their practices. Having spent years practicing and teaching yoga, I watched intently as they instructed their patients in the correct form of standing and balancing, with an emphasis on using their body’s core strength to help them regain their ability to move correctly. I see how effective the physical therapy exercises really are when I do them on a daily basis. The exercises have enabled me to walk normally, cycle, dance and have given me a new lease on life!” 

Monika’s overall impressions of Marianjoy are very positive.

 “Prior to surgery, I did my homework to find the best surgeon and rehabilitation facility and truly, Marianjoy exceeded my expectations,” she says. “The staff is very nurturing. They come in with positive attitudes and are willing to help you in any way they can. The therapy has purpose which is to get you back up and moving again. Yet you become comfortable with your therapists and your therapy can actually become lighthearted and even fun. 

“The facility is very clean and I really enjoyed the hospital overall, especially the gardens and meditation room,” she continues. “These were such wonderful places to go to just relax and heal, and for me, that made a big difference in my attitude and recovery. I really feel that Marianjoy is the best rehabilitation facility there is.”