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Using technology for better positioning


Safe and Efficient Wheelchair Use

Just as no two wheelchairs are alike, similarly, no two individuals use a wheelchair in the same way. A wheelchair should be customized to meet the user's functional ability, specific needs, and comfort level.

At the Marianjoy Wheelchair and Positioning Center, we recognize that having the proper equipment is an integral part of the rehabilitation process, key to comfortable, safe, and efficient mobility for an individual at home and in the community. Marianjoy is one of the only healthcare providers in the Midwest to offer wheelchair and positioning services. Our therapists have years of clinical experience and are specially trained and certified by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) as Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs). Using a team approach, and collaborating with patients and their caregivers, our clinicians can recommend, design, and customize assistive device solutions unique to each individual.

The benefits of a customized seating and positioning system include:

  • Improved functional abilities, mobility, and independence
  • Improved posture and trunk stability
  • Protection of skin integrity and prevention of skin breakdown
  • Improved comfort and decreased pain
  • Improved physiological functioning, including breathing, digestion, swallowing, and bowel management
  • Management of spasticity and maximizing muscle tone
  • Decreased progression of orthopedic deformities or loss of mobility

The Services Marianjoy Provides Include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of seating, proitioning, and mobility needs, including manual wheelchairs; power wheelchairs; power-assist systems; stroller systems; standing frames; transfer, feeding, and bathing systems and additional options
  • Pressure mapping and SmartWheel Assessments
  • Modifications to patient's current wheelchair and seating system to address the user's needs
  • Fabrication of custom-molded seating systems
  • Wheelchair assessment, trial, and training
  • Integration of communication or environmental control devices with a seating and positioning device

The Process:

    The initial visit to Marianjoy’s Wheelchair and Positioning Center will include a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s seating and positioning needs, as well as mobility goals. The evaluation will include the opportunity to try out a variety of devices. Working closely with rehabilitation technology suppliers and vendors, Marianjoy clinicians can also help with the purchasing and subsequent servicing of a patient’s assistive technology products.

    In addition, therapists are available to help complete the documentation required to secure funding from third-party payers and advocate for individuals who face challenges with obtaining the recommended devices or services. When appropriate, our clinicians can make referrals for other assistive devices, therapy services, or even evaluations by a physiatrist in the Marianjoy Medical Group clinic.

    After funding approval, the patient will return to the Wheelchair and Positioning Center for a final fitting and delivery of the recommended equipment. To ensure comfort and safety, we provide education on the use of the equipment, while customizing the device to an individual’s particular needs. We recommend periodic re-evaluations to ensure the device continues to meet the patient’s needs and to provide adjustments to the equipment, as necessary.



What is MARTI?

The new Marianjoy Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Institute (MARTI) supports the art and science of rehabilitation medicine by offering technology-based solutions to the problems of daily living encountered by individuals with disabilities.

MARTI consists of seven distinct centers that apply advanced technologies to maximize functional independence, as well as expanding educational, vocational,recreational, and communicative opportunities.


Available Tools:

The following technology and tools are available within the Wheelchair and Positioning Center:

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Information for Referring Physicians:

Marianjoy clinicians can assist patients by completing the letter of medical necessity for the recommended devices, as well as assisting with compiling additional documentation that is required by third-party payers.
As advocates for the patient, our staff will ensure that the equipment recommendations are based on the individual’s objective medical and functional needs, in keeping with financial limitations, without preference to a specific equipment supplier or manufacturer.

To Make an Appointment:

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 630-909-7150. Referrals to Marianjoy’s Wheelchair and Positioning Center require a prescription from your physician. The order should specifically read, Wheelchair Evaluation and Fitting .”
The referral can be faxed directly to