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Gait Analysis and Mobility


Improving Mobility Through Technology

The Gait Analysis and Mobility Center specializes in walking and gait analysis for patients with stroke, spinal cord injury or other neuromuscular disorders. Marianjoy's Motion Analysis Laboratory uses movement assessment to provide clinicians with a clearer understanding of disease mechanisms and the effectiveness of new treatment approaches to improve rehabilitation outcomes.

Assisting in Mobility Control

The Lite Gait is a training device that simultaneously assists with posture, reduces weight bearing, reduces concerns for balance, and facilitates the training of coordinated lower extremity movement. Its unique harness design permits unilateral or bilateral support, allowing progression of the weight bearing load from up to full-weight bearing, and for the clinician to manually assist the legs and pelvis to achieve proper gait patterns.

Individuals who may benefit from the Lite Gait training include those with:

  • Neurological impairments (Stroke, SCI, TBI, Parkinson's)
  • Orthopedic impairments (THA, TKA, Amputee)
  • Cardiovascular impairments (endurance, post-operative)

How does the Lite Gait work?

  • The Lite Gait harness is fitted to the patient and then attached to the suspension system
  • Any amount of the patient's body weight can then be supported by elevating the suspension system
  • The patient can then practice walking either over ground or on a treadmill
What is MARTI?

The new Marianjoy Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Institute (MARTI) supports the art and science of rehabilitation medicine by offering technologically-based solutions to the problems of daily living encountered by individuals with disabilities.

MARTI consists of seven distinct centers that apply advanced technologies to maximize functional independence, while expanding educational, vocational,recreational, and communicative opportunities.

Available Tools:

The following technology and tools are available within the Gait Analysis and Mobility Center:

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