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The Marianjoy Stroke Rehabilitation Program

For more than four decades, the Marianjoy Stroke Rehabilitation Program has provided rehabilitative care to stroke patients of all ages. Our vast experience combined with a patient-centered environment offers the most advanced and compassionate care possible to our patients. The Marianjoy Stroke Program has achieved Disease-Specific Care Certification in Stroke Rehabilitation from the Joint Commission, representing Marianjoy’s commitment to excellence in providing services for people who have experienced stroke.

Regardless of the severity of the stroke, our goal is the same: returning patients to their families and communities. Individualized treatment plans are created to manage the physical, emotional and behavioral changes a patient may experience. Given a patient’s abilities and goals, we provide a comprehensive approach for learning techniques to:

  • increase strength, function and mobility while reducing physical limitations and pain.
  • restore and maximize the potential of performing daily living activities.
  • utilize compensatory strategies for the patient’s new skill set.
  • cultivate lifestyle behaviors that promote wellness.

We also provide emotional support and counseling for the patient and family, as well as education regarding the condition and resources for post-discharge.








Updated April, 2017



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Care Team

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Joint Commission

The Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital Stroke Program is accredited by the Joint Commission.

National Stoke Association

Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital is a member of the National Stroke Association Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Network.


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