Marianjoy Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Institute

The Marianjoy Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Institute offers solutions to everyday problems of daily living encountered by disabled individuals. The Institute consists of seven distinct centers that apply advancements in technology to benefit individuals with disabilities through maximizing functional independence, and expanding educational, vocational, recreational, and communicative opportunities.

In addition, computerized advancements in rehabilitation technology allows Marianjoy clinicians and researchers to collect and analyze data for evidence-based research, and apply what is learned to improve patient outcomes. Findings are shared with clinicians nationwide at educational and scientific conferences.



Interactive Rehabilitation & Exercise System (IREX®)
New to MARTI is the IREX, a virtual reality therapy system that uses immersive video gesture control technology to place patients into virtual sport or gaming environments where they are guided through clinician-prescribed therapeutic exercise regimes.

Individuals who may benefit from the IREX include those with:

      •Neurological impairments

      Orthopedic impairments

      Cardiovascular impairments

      Chronic pain

      Vestibular/balance issues

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Featured MARTI Center:
Balance and Vestibular Center
EquiTest in the Balance and Vestibular Center at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospitals

The Marianjoy Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Center is a specialized form of physical therapy designated to promote habituation and compensation for a wide variety of balance and vestibular disorders.

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Learn more about the newly renovated Aquatic Therapy and Fitness Center, and the Conference and Education Center